How To Make a Modern Bedroom

It’s not a secret everyone wants to live in an attractive and comfortable place. Bedroom is no exception. As bedroom is a place where we rest, it should provide us not only with nice design, but also ultimate comfort.

The first step in creating your own modern bedroom is… looking at what others have. Watch a couple of home design related programs on TV, get a decorator magazine or browse pictures of bedrooms online. On this stage you should get an idea of your future bedroom in your head. Do not try to copy the variants you may see as they’ve been made by professional designers and exact replication is simply impossible. Instead of copying try to get your own ideas that will suit your particular room.

While creating your modern bedroom it’s recommended to follow several principles that are basic for modern design. The first one is color. Pastel colors are essential for traditional bedroom, not modern one. Modern bedrooms often are created from bright and lively colors that can also be mixed in order to get that stylish modern look. Black and white, brown and white or chocolate tints are very popular for modern bedrooms today. As you make bedroom, it’s recommended to choose warm shades of these colors.

Don’t hesitate to mix textures, but avoid fancy ones like flowers, animals, etc. Geometric or abstract textures look great in modern design.

As you have used bright colors or color combinations and patterns, your furniture should have simple lines without unnecessary details. Avoid lovely furniture with rounded shapes as it won’t fit your style.

Finally, when you have furniture and your bedroom seems to be finished, add some accessories. That doesn’t mean you should invade your bedroom with nice and romantic details. Accessories will underline you have a modern bedroom, but at the same time they can spoil overall look. Think of stylish long-lined vase with single flower, artistic photo in frame or an abstract drawing. If your bedroom is primary dark, choose bright accessory and in case your bedroom has bright colors or color combinations, black and white photo will suit it the most.

These are some basics that can help you to create a modern bedroom of your dream. Certainly, don’t forget you make this bedroom for yourself and thus try to create a room that will make you happy for a long time.

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